Monday: Music Workshop | Wednesday: Decorative Arts and History Museum | Friday: Central Cinema Club | Saturday: Au Pair Club – Photography Workshop| Sunday: trip to Powerscourt Gardens

Monday, 10th September

Workshop Series – Learn English through the lyrics of popular songs

At 5 Talbot Street, Dublin 1

From 2pm to 4pm

Price: Free and open to all students!

Learn English through the lyrics of famous songs! Focus on the pronunciation of the words and on their meaning through listening and reading exercises. You’ll also understand the general sense of the song and discuss it. This is free, useful and fun!

Wednesday, 12th September

Decorative Arts & History Museum

Meet at 2pm at the school reception (5 Talbot Street)

Price: FREE

Come and explore the Decorative Arts and History Museum with us. Along with the beautiful architecture of the building and the nice gardens around it, you will see weaponry, furniture, silver, ceramics, glassware, Asian art and the Asgard, as well as folklife and costume artefacts.

Friday, 14th September

The Central Cinema Club is showing ED WOOD

At 2:30pm at 5, Talbot Street, Dublin 1.


Price: FREE

This is an entertaining way to keep practising your English outside of the classroom while enjoying a film (with English subtitles) and eating popcorn, too! Come along and meet the most peculiar movie director (performed by Johnny Depp) that Hollywood has ever known…

Saturday, 15th September

Au Pair Club: Photographic Portrait Workshop

Price: Free

From 1pm to 3pm at 45, Parnell Square West, Dublin 1

This week, at the Au Pair Club, feel like a real photographer: come along and learn a few tricks on how to take professional portrait photos with Pavel, our resident photographer. Bring your own camera – if you have one – or simply your smartphone. You can also get a free professional portrait of yourself! We will serve free tea, coffee and cookies, as usual.

Sunday, 16th September

Trip to: Powerscourt Gardens

Bus tickets: €5,20 return

Powerscourt gardens entrance ticket: €8,50 Student fee

Meet at 10:20 outside the school

Please note: Let us know if you are joining us by communicating it at the school reception or by sending us an email! There is no need to pay in advance.

We will meet outside the school at 10:20am. For those of you who want to join directly at the bus stop, the stop ID is number 272 on Upper O’Connell street. We will take the bus number 44, direction: Enniskerry. We will get off in Enniskerry village: from there Powerscourt Gardens are about 25 minute walking distance. Wear comfortable shoes! We will spend some time there, explore the gardens and enjoy our lunch and maybe have a coffee there (lunch and coffee are not included in price of the trip)! Once we are happy with our tour at Powerscourt we can head back to Enniskerry village and have a walk around there before catching the bus back to Dublin city centre.

Got an idea for something you’d like us to include in the school’s social activities? Contact us!