Private English classes

Our teachers can tailor classes to suit the needs of individuals.

While our group classes are always small, some students choose to take one-to-one classes (one teacher, one student). This is because they have a specific target to achieve or a specialist area of English they need to study.
Private English classes at the Central School of English in Dublin

Private English classes are more expensive than our group classes. However, in a one-to-one class the focus is on you. The lesson will be prepared with your own needs in mind. The teacher will also be happy to develop any particular area of study that interests you as the class or course progresses.

Some areas that students are interested in studying in a one-to-one class are:

  • Job Interview Techniques and Vocabulary
  • Business English
  • Finance
  • Airline English
  • Medical/Nursing
  • Marketing/Sales

If you would like private tuition please contact us to discuss prices, times and your learning goals.

You can take a private English class at almost any time at the Central School of English. Of course, it depends on the when our teachers are available. Our teachers are mostly free to hold private English classes in the afternoons. Sometimes it may also be possible to organise classes in the mornings, in the evenings or at weekends.

For a private English class, a teacher will discuss your learning goals before the lesson (or lessons). This is so he or she can be fully prepared to give you the best possible class.

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The Central School of English is recognised by Cambridge English as an Exam Preparation Centre. Cambridge English, the world leader in English language assessment, is part of the University of Cambridge. Our school is also accredited by the Callan Method organisation in the UK for our Callan Method classes.