Learn English by Speaking

At the Central School of English we focus on speaking English. Our aim is to help you speak English naturally.

We will help you to understand native English speakers when they speak very quickly – as we often do – and to make yourself easily understood in English.

Learn English by speaking at the Central School of English

All four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – are valuable skills to practise when you learn English but experience tells us that what you need to develop first are your speaking skills – just like you learned your own language.

We teach all our General English classes (but not exam classes) by a method which focuses on speaking English. In the class, the teacher, through speaking, will explain new vocabulary and grammar and then get you to practise the new material by speaking yourself.

Get corrected as you speak

As you speak, the teacher will correct your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and syntax.

There is a little reading and writing in our General English classes but the main focus is on listening to good quality English and speaking yourself.

You will spend 90% of your time speaking in the class. It is an easy and fun way to learn English.

It is also extremely effective.

These are NOT conversation classes. This is a complete course that includes all the important grammar and vocabulary you will need. It is structured so that you continue to practise and build on what you have already learnt while adding new knowledge.

Speak like a native speaker

Most importantly, by listening to the teacher, copying their pronunciation and being constantly corrected by them, you will quickly develop the ability to speak like a native English-speaker, at the same speed, using all the contractions and idiomatic phrases that native English speakers use.

The method we use is called the Callan Method. There is more information about the Callan Method here but the best way to understand how our classes work is to come and try one. We offer a Free Trial Class so you can see how our classes work before deciding to join the school.