Callan Method in Dublin

The Central School of English is the only full-time Callan Method English school in Dublin.

We teach all our General English classes with the Callan Method.

Callan Method English School in Dublin

The classes focus on speaking and listening to quickly improve a students’ ability to understand native English speakers when they speak quickly and to speak confidently themselves.

The Callan Method is a fast and effective system for the study of English.

Thanks to the Callan Method’s long record of achievement, it is securely established and internationally respected. Multinational companies like IBM, Fiat, and Olivetti have used the Method to teach English to their staff.

How the Callan Method works

The Callan Method was invented to make students as involved as possible in the learning process, and at the same time to help them to make the best possible use of their time. The Method is a rigorously structured programme of instruction, divided into twelve stages. The teacher asks students a series of questions which the students must answer.

Because the Method aims to get students to speak, classes at a Callan school hold the attention of students and stimulate their memory. The structure of the Callan Method ensures that students increase their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary step by step. Students are never distracted by rare or complicated vocabulary, and must concentrate on picking up the basics of the language.

Why the Callan Method is effective

Most people who learn English are more interested in acquiring a practical skill than in obtaining intellectual satisfaction. They want to learn English for business or professional purposes, and they need to acquire a good working knowledge of the language as quickly as possible. They value the efficiency of a Callan school.

Students at a Callan school can make progress up to four times faster than at other types of language school.

The key factors behind the success of the Callan Method are its calculated and systematic approach to the teaching of language, and its determination to maximize student involvement. Students learn best by speaking and listening. The pace of classes immerses students in the language. Repetition engages the memory, while frequent revision of the ground already covered encourages accuracy.

Why the Callan Method is enjoyable

What makes the Callan Method enjoyable for the student is its highly structured character. At a Callan school, everything comes in its proper place, which means that students do not waste time tackling complexities for which they are not yet ready.

Students like the Callan Method because it makes their work easier. But the Method also stands out because it requires students to participate actively in lessons. Because Callan Method classes engage the student, the atmosphere is lively, and more is accomplished.

The Central School of English is accredited by the Callan Method Organisation.