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‘Will’ and ‘Going To’ Part 2: Intentions and Plans

Central School students leave no stone unturned

At the Central School of English we can see how dedicated our students are in their desire to speak English fluently and this blows us away! We understand that it can be difficult sometimes but we want you to know that we are always here to help you so if you have any grammar questions that you would like help with, please be sure to ask one of our expert and fully qualified English teachers!

As you know our English classes are in the morning, afternoon and evening so if you are an FCE, CAE or Callan Method student studying English with us in the centre of Dublin make sure to approach us with any questions you might have.

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‘Will’ and ‘Going To’ futures: For making predictions

Pablo prepares to predict the weather

Sometimes English grammar can be tough! Occasionally, you may think: ‘I just can’t make head or tail of it!’

Grammar can leave students pulling their hair out! Students often ask: ‘Why do you have so many grammatical tenses? In my language we do not have so many tenses!’

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The definite article

English School Students and a globe

…and a little geography!

The articles in English are three small words but they are three troublesome words for anyone learning English grammar! All language learners can have difficulty with these words from the moment they start in beginner English classes right up to Intermediate and Advanced English classes.

So, rather than have you feel completely cheesed off we thought it might be nice if we gave you a little online help with the articles. We hope that you can use the English grammar that you learn online here to improve your spoken and written English.

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Body language

English School Dublin English Class

It is said that more than 60% of our communication is non-verbal. Body language is non-verbal communication where we express our thoughts and feelings using our facial expressions, eye movements and body gestures to tell people what we are thinking and how we are feeling.

Body language is not universal. What might be completely acceptable in this neck of the woods may mean something completely different in another country with a different culture, language and means of communicating.

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"I've learnt more in 3 months in the school than one year at University! And the teachers are great, funny and interesting in different ways, lovely!" - Jeanne (France)

Jeanne, Central School Student
Central English School Dublin students enjoy the weather in Phoenix Park

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