A short programe this week, because we’re just back: Friday: Pub Night at O’Reilly’s | Saturday: Au Pair Club Café

Friday, 7th January

Pub night: O’Reilly’s

Price: Free in, buy your own drinks

Location: Under Tara Street Station

Meet there at 9pm or at the school reception at 8.50pm.

This pub, built inside the railway arches underneath Tara St Station – yes, you can hear the trains passing overhead – is famous for its cheap beer and lively crowd. It is usually very busy and has great music! Come along, meet other students, wish them a Happy New Year and practise your English while enjoying your Friday night.

Saturday, 10th January

Au Pair Club Café

1pm to 3pm; At 5, Talbot Street

Price: Free and open to all au pairs!

Come to have a nice cup of tea or coffee and some cakes or biscuits and enjoy the company of other au pairs. Meet new friends or old!