Monday: Music Workshop | Wednesday: Gallery of Photography | Friday Night: The Garage Bar | Saturday Au Pair Club: Café | Sunday: Celtic Night

Monday, 27th November

Monday Workshop Series – Learn English through the lyrics of popular songs

At 45 Parnell Square West

From 2pm to 4pm

Price: Free and open to all students!

Learn English through the lyrics of famous songs! This week you will go through the lyrics of the song ‘Up&Up’ sung by Coldplay. Focus on the pronunciation of the words, through listening and reading exercises, and on their meaning. Get the general sense of the song and discuss it. Hear it here

Wednesday, 29th November

Gallery of Photography

Meet at 2pm at the reception at 5 Talbot Street.


Gallery of Photography

The Gallery hosts an exhibition of the Danish artist Krass Clement, whose photographic work emerges from two traditions: Scandinavian melancholy and the ‘flaneur’ tradition from the Parisian school. Clement’s work is concerned with reflecting interior states of mind rather than with documenting real-life situations.

Friday, 31st November

Pub night: The Garage Bar

Price: Free in, buy your own drinks.

Location: 10 Essex St E, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Meet there at 9pm or at 8.50pm at the school reception

The Garage Bar is situated in the hub of Temple Bar and is definitely one of a kind with 1930’s petrol pumps, tyres, car fronts, walls adorned with images of rock and roll icons and saw dusted floors. Had you ever thought of having a drink in a disused garage? In Dublin, you can.

Saturday, 1st December

Au Pair Club: Café

1pm to 3pm – At 45 Parnell Square West

Price: Free and open to all au pairs!

Cakes, tea, coffee, plenty of chat, good fun and a lot of other Au Pairs to meet at the Au Pair Club!

Sunday, 26th November

Celtic Nights: Dinner + Show

Price: €34.95

Location: 23-25 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1.

Dinner time: 7:30 – Show starts at 8:30.

Please note: Tickets for the Show must be booked by Thursday lunchtime.

A traditional Irish dance show and a three-course dinner: Experience a unique evening in a perfect Irish atmosphere!

For more info click here.

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