Monday: Music Workshop | Wednesday: Science Gallery | Friday Night: Workman’s Club | Saturday Au Pair Club: Café | Sunday Trip: Cliffs of Moher Premium

Monday, 13th November

Monday Workshop Series – Learn English through the lyrics of popular songs

At 45 Parnell Square West

From 2pm to 4pm

Price: Free and open to all students!

Learn English through the lyrics of famous songs! This week you will go through the lyrics of the song ‘Every Breaking Wave’ sung by U2. Focus on the pronunciation of the words, through listening and reading exercises, and on their meaning. Get the general sense of the song and discuss it. Hear it here

Wednesday, 15th November

Science Gallery

Meet at 2pm at the reception at 5 Talbot Street.

Price: FREE

What’s the difference between a collapse, a downfall, and a downright apocalypse? How will it all end, and why do we love to wonder? Ice or fire, zombies or bombs? Out with a bang or a whimper? And can we do anything to stop the decline? Found out about this and more at the ‘In Case of Emergency’ exhibition.

Friday, 17th November

Pub night: Workman’s Bar

Price: Free in, buy your own drinks.

Location:10 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2

Meet there at 9pm or at 8.50pm at the school reception

This pub, located by the Liffey, develops on two floors: it is usually very busy and with great music! Come along, meet other students and get to practise your English while enjoying your Friday night at the Workman’s with us!

Saturday, 18th November

Au Pair Club: Café

1pm to 3pm – At 45 Parnell Square West

Price: Free and open to all au pairs!

Why not have a chat and enjoy some delicious cookies together with a lot of other au pairs? You can do this and more at the Au Pair Club!

Sunday, 20th November

The Cliffs of Moher Premium Tour

Price: €45.

Departure: 07:15am. Meet at 07:05 at Molly Malone Statue on Suffolk Street

Please note: This trip must be booked in advance. Book at the reception before Thursday lunchtime.

Trip includes visit to Caherconnell Ring Fort, Cliffs of Moher and visitor centre and a sheep dog demo.

Click here for Full tour details

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