Monday: Music Workshop | Wednesday: Central Cinema Club | Friday Night: Halloween Party | Saturday Au Pair Club: Witches Tea Party | Monday Halloween Special: Bram Stoker Festival

Monday, 23rd October

Monday Workshop Series – Learn English through the lyrics of popular songs

At 45 Parnell Square West

From 2pm to 4pm

Price: Free and open to all students!

Learn English through the lyrics of famous songs! This week you will go through the lyrics of the song ‘Jack’s lament’ taken from the film ‘Nightmare before Christmas’. Focus on the pronunciation of the words, through listening and reading exercises, and on their meaning. Get the general sense of the song and discuss it. Hear it here

Wednesday, 25th October

Visit to: Marsh’s Library

Meet at 2.15pm at 5, Talbot Street. Guided tour starts at 3pm

Price: €2 with Student ID

Established in 1707 Marsh’s Library is the oldest public library in Ireland and houses 25,000 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th-century printed and manuscript books on history, classics, science, travel, mathematics, religion and lots more. Bram Stoker (Dracula’s author) spent many a long night researching ghouls, legends and mythology there.

Thursday, 26th October

Central Cinema Club – Screening of ‘Shaun of the Dead’

At 2:30pm at 45, Parnell Square West

Price: FREE

Come and celebrate Halloween at the Central Cinema Club with the special screening of this cult zombie comedy. Here’s what else you get: comfy seating, popcorn and English subtitles. Welcome back to our weekly cinema get-together!

PLOT: Shaun needs to prove to his girlfriend and his mother that he is not a complete loser. An attack of flesh-hungry zombies is the perfect occasion to show them both that he can be a hero…

Friday, 27th October

Halloween Party!

Price: Free in, buy your own drinks.

Location: Jack Nealon’s pub. 165 Capel St, North City, Dublin 1

Meet there at 9pm or at 8.50pm at the school reception

Don’t miss our Halloween Party! Scary costumes, amazingly monster atmosphere, deadly finger food, terrific music and special treats for the best Halloween outfit!

Saturday, 28th October

Witches Tea Party at the Au Pair Club

1pm to 3pm – At 45 Parnell Square West

Price: Free and open to all au pairs!

Enjoy Halloween at the Au Pair Club as well! Grab your black cats, jump on your broomsticks and come along to the Witches’Tea Party. Special Halloween treats too!

Monday, 30th October

Strolling around Bram Stoker Festival

Location: Down the spooky streets of Dublin.

Meet at 2pm outside the school at 5, Talbot street

Please note: Let us know if you are joining us by communicating it at the school reception or by sending us an email!

Here’s the programme for our Halloween scary afternoon:

Dracula’s Disco

Time: From 2pm to 4pm

Location: Meeting House Square

DJ Will Softly will be playing all the latest hits and ghoulish classics on The Ark’s outdoor stage for you to enjoy, complete with confetti cannons to inspire some seriously deadly dancing!


Time: All Day

Location: First Floor, Jervis Street Shopping Centre, Dublin 1

Stokerface is the centrepiece exhibition at this year’s Bram Stoker Festival. This photography project celebrates some of Ireland’s leading creative people across music, theatre, food, poetry, comedy, fashion, film and festivals.

Macnas Parade

Time: From 6pm

Location: Starting on Moore St

Macnas, world-renowned pioneers of imagination and invention, brings a hauntingly beautiful, wild and tempestuous parade, Memory Song, through the broad and narrow streets of Dublin’s Northside.

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