Monday: Music Workshop | Wednesday: Science Gallery | Friday Night: Workman’s Club | Saturday Au Pair Club: Calligraphy Workshop | Sunday Trip: Glendalough

Monday, 3rd July

Monday Workshop Series: Learn English through lyrics of popular songs

At 5 Talbot street

From 2pm to 4pm

Price: Free and open to all students!

Learn English through the lyrics of famous songs! This week you will go through the lyrics of the song ‘Somebody that I used to know’ sung by Gotye. Focus on the pronunciation of the words, through listening and reading exercises, and on their meaning! Get the general sense of the song and discuss it! Hear it here.

Wednesday, 4th of July

Visit to the Science Gallery

Meet at 2pm at the reception at 5 Talbot Street

Price: FREE

The science Gallery is hosting an exhibition called “Sound Check”.

At SOUND CHECK, everyone can make music. Visitors will become performers alongside hackers, designers and scientists, inventing new instruments and collaborating to explore the outer edge of the sounds of the future.

Come to explore it with us!

Friday, 6th June

Pub Night: The Workman’s Club

Price: Free in, buy your own drinks

Location: 10 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2

Meet there at 9pm or at the school reception at 8:50pm.

This pub, located by the Liffey, is spread over two floors. It is very popular with young people and has great music! Come along, meet other students and practise your English while enjoying your Friday night at the Workman’s with us!

Saturday, 7th July

Au Pair Club: Chinese & Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

1pm to 3pm – At 45, Parnell Square West

Price: Free and open to all au pairs!

Price: Free and open to all au pairs working in Ireland, not just our students!

Have you always been fascinated by Chinese and Japanese culture and wanted to learn how to draw Chinese/Japanese characters? This Saturday, learn a little bit of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy with Roberto and Alice, respectively graduated in Chinese and Japanese language and culture, at the Au Pair Club!

Sunday, 8th July

Day Trip: Kilkenny, Wicklow mountains & Glendalough

Price: €28

Departure: 08:10. Meet at 08:00 at Gresham Hotel on O’Connell Street

Please note: This trip must be booked in advance. Book at the reception before Thursday lunchtime.

Trip includes visit to the Wicklow mountains, a tour of the site of Glendalough and some time in Kilkenny.

To discover more about Glendalough, have a look at our blog here or click here for full tour details

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