Here’s the Au Pair Club showing off their culinary skills at a cupcake baking event this Saturday afternoon. The results were fantastic. Here’s some vocabulary:

Whisk (verb): To move with a rapid sweeping stroke, especially in cooking.

Whisk (noun): An implement for whisking.

Stir (verb): To move a liquid continously, usually in a circular motion.

Yum (interjection) An exclamation of pleasure.

And an idiom…

To have your cake and eat it

Meaning: Literally, the phrase means that you can’t own your cake and eat it, because once you eat it, it is gone. The idea is that you cannot have everything you want.., you must make choices in your life.

Example: I really want to go to the party tonight, but if I do I’ll be too tired to get up in time for the bus to the Cliffs of Moher tomorrow. Well, you can’t have your cake and eat it.,