Celtic tombstones at the Monastic Site in the Glendalough valley

One of my favourite places in Ireland is Glendalough, a valley carved out by glaciers during the Ice Age. Its two lakes, from which Glendalough gets its name, were formed when the ice eventually melted.

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Day trips around Dublin by bike

Exploring Dublin by bike

I bought my bike four years ago and since then I have became very fond of cycling. Together, we have discovered and explored many new areas of Dublin.

I particularly enjoy going for long trips and here are three of my favourite places for a day-long cycle trip:
  • The Dublin Mountains
  • Bull Island
  • Dalkey

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Secret Parks in Dublin

Entrance to the War Memorial Rose Garden in Dublin

Do you like lying on the grass or walking submerged in nature? Dublin is a great place to do so! It offers a large number of parks and green areas – all within easy walking distance of the city centre.

I have been living in Dublin for the past seven years and in my free time I walk and cycle around looking for the most peaceful and relaxing areas in the city.

Here are my four favourite ‘secret’ parks in Dublin – ones that most tourists (and many Dubliners) don’t know exist.

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Elementary English: The verb ‘to have’

A video guide to the verb ‘to have’. Transcript is below.

The present simple of the verb ‘to have’ is

I have

you have

He has

She has

It has

We have

You have and

They have

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Grammar Videos

English School Dublin Grammar Videos

Here you’ll find a selection of video guides to English grammar from our Youtube channel.

Feel free to browse them here or visit our Youtube channel

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