Elementary English: The verb ‘to have’

The present simple of the verb ‘to have’ is

I have

you have

He has

She has

It has

We have

You have and

They have

In English, we often contract verbs when we are speaking.


The contraction of I have is I’ve.

The contraction of you have is you’ve.

The contraction of he has is he’s.

The contraction of she has is she’s.

The contraction of it has is it’s.

The contraction of you have is you’ve.

The contraction of they have is they’ve.

We also use have got when we are speaking


We can say:

I’ve got

You’ve got

He’s got

She’s got

It’s got

We’ve got

You’ve got and

They’ve got

Now let’s practise some sentences using the verb ‘to have’.


Has he got two legs? Yes, he’s got two legs.

Has she got two arms? Yes, she’s got two arms.

Has she got two hands? Yes, she’s got two hands.

Has she got two eyes? Yes, she’s got two eyes.

Have they got four arms? Yes, they’ve got four arms.

Have they got four heads? Yes, they’ve got four heads.

Has it got two ears? Yes, it’s got two ears.

Has he got two feet? Yes, he’s got two feet.

Has he got ten fingers? Yes, he’s got ten fingers.

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