Social Activities 9 to 15 April

Central English School Dublin trip to the Giant's Causeway

Monday: Music Workshop | Wednesday: Visit to Kilmainham Jail| Central Cinema Club: Song of the Sea | Saturday: Au Pair Club Café | Sunday: The Giant’s Causeway.

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New Grammar Workbook for Callan Method students

Callan Method Grammar Workbook launched at the Central School of English

We are excited to announce a great new addition to our Callan Method courses… a grammar workbook that gives you extra practise of the language and grammar you learn in your classes… and more!

When you have covered an important grammar topic in your Callan Method class and there is a section in the workbook about it, the teacher will advise you where to find the relevant exercises. You complete the exercises at home and see how well you did by checking the answers at the end of the book.

There are 22 grammar sections in all, with two, three or four exercises in each.

In addition to the grammar practice, there is a general language section in the workbook where you can practise and test your knowledge of all the language taught in Stages 1-7 of the Callan Method books.

You can check out some sample pages below.

The workbook has been written by the authors of the Callan Method and is designed to give you extra help in improving your English fast. Of course, it isn’t compulsory, but whether you want to improve your English for day-to-day communication or if you plan to prepare for an exam, we think it as an excellent tool to help you achieve your goals.

The workbook costs €25 and you can get your copy from reception at 5 Talbot Street or the office at 23 Marlborough Street.

Callan Method Grammar Workbook - English Grammar Practice Sample

Callan Method Grammar Workbook – English Grammar Practice Sample Page

Callan Method Grammar Workbook - Sample General Language Page

Callan Method Grammar Workbook – Sample General Language Page

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Social Activities 3 to 8 April

Central English School Dublin students at Glendalough

Wednesday: exhibition ‘the Story of the Capital’ at City Hall | Central Cinema Club: Forrest Gump | Friday pub night: Sin-e | Saturday: Au Pair Club Café | Sunday: Glendalough & Wicklow Mountains.

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Social Activities 26 to 29 March

Learn English fast in a small class

Monday: Music Workshop | Wednesday: Land Marks Exhibition + Docks Walk | Central Cinema Club: Donnie Darko

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Social Activities 20 to 25 March

Central School of English Dublin students visit the Cliffs of Moher

Social Activities this week: Wednesday: Botanic Gardens | Thursday: Central Cinema Club: Sherlock Holmes | Saturday: Au Pair Club | Sunday: Cliffs of Moher

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"I've learnt more in 3 months in the school than one year at University! And the teachers are great, funny and interesting in different ways, lovely!" - Jeanne (France)

Central English School student Jeanne

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"I have learnt a lot by studying with both the Callan Method and the more traditional methods. I am confident that I am getting the best possible help." - Viviana (Italy)

Central English School student Viviana

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